Research scientist who has crossed disciplines into business and data management.  Technically skilled in several areas.  Works closely with NASA JPL and NASA GeneLab as part of research in the NASA funded Gilroy Lab.  Interested in managing and organizing spaceflight data.  Has worked in start-up environments. 


B.Sc., Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Class of 2018

Gilroy Lab Molecular Biology Researcher and Data Scientist

Molecular biology researcher in the Gilroy Lab studying the role of peroxidases in spaceflight plant biology.  Engaged in genetic engineering techniques and basic laboratory skills.  Research was funded by NASA and used data mined from SpaceX CRS-4 in 2014.  Performed genetic engineering of A. thaliana for genes manipulated by spaceflight. 

Transitioned from a biology role to a data management and business role in the lab in 2016. Directing manager and chief data scientist at, and, which houses spaceflight botany and microbiology data from NASA GeneLab repositories (and NASA JPL).  Assisted in building bioinformatic tools that allow researchers to easily visualize data relevant for molecular biology.

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